Terms and conditions

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A 50€ deposit is usually required to confirm your reservation with Left Bank Scooters.
Terms of the deposit are: full refund if cancelled with 48hours plus notice. Sorry but no refund if less than 48 hours notice given (though we are happy to make exceptions for special circumstances). Full refund if your tour or rental is cancelled due to bad weather.

The total cost of the rental is due at time of delivery of the Vespa or start of the tour. This can be paid by Cash, Master Card or Visa.
Rental is daily and calculated on a 24hr period.
The renter is responsible for:

  • the scooter
  • all fuel during the period of the rental
  • all fines received during the rental period including driving and parking
  • all accessories provided eg. helmets, GPS, gloves, wet weather gear

To rent the 125cc Vespa the Renter warrants that they are over 20 years of age, hold a current valid motorcycle license enabling them to operate a 125cc or higher scooter/motorcycle, and will show this to Left Bank Scooters at time of the Rental or Tour. International motorcycle license is required if you come from a non european country.

The rent the 50cc Vespa the Renter warrants that they are over 18 years of age, hold a current valid automobile license, and will show this to Left Bank Scooters at time of the Rental or Tour.

Failure to do so invalidates Left Bank Scooters insurance policy and the renter becomes solely liable.
Only the individual noted on the rental agreement may operate the Vespa.

By signing the rental agreement the renter acknowledges:

  • the Vespa and accessories are in good working order
  • the Vespa is in the condition as described in the rental agreement, any reservations are noted in the appropriate section of the rental agreement
  • they have been supplied with a photocopy of the Vespa registration details and insurance certificate by Left Bank Scooters which must be presented to authorities upon request.

The renter is responsible for conducting basic maintenance checks on the Vespa for the period of the rental, including but not limited to:

  • tyre pressure;
  • checking the headlights and indicators;
  • Engine oil for the 50cc Vespa

The scooter will:

  • only be driven on designated roads
  • only be driven inside of Paris city, and to Versailles
  • not be driven by any person other than the named renter
  • the scooter must be secured with the supplied U-lock through the day and overnight. Failure to secure the scooter with the U-lock will make the renter solely liable for the theft to the Vespa.

Left Bank Scooters has insurance on all its scooters against 3rd Party, theft of the scooter, and damage to the scooter.

The standard security deposit(also the deductible on the insurance) for the 125cc and 50cc Vespa is 1200€, this may be reduced to 500€ by paying an additional 20€ per day. This option must be taken prior to the start of the rental.

The standard security deposit(also the deductible on the insurance) for the 300cc Vespa is 2000€, this amount can Not be reduced.

The amount of the security deposit is taken as a ‘hold’, not charged, on a Visa or MasterCard, or in cash, at time of delivery of the Vespa.

The renter will forfeit part or all of the security deposit if the Vespa is stolen, damaged or not returned in the condition in which it was at time of collection;

***In the event the scooter is damaged by you during your rental, the Renter will only forfeit the amount of the cost of the reparations, up until the amount of the security deposit. To determine the cost of the reparations the scooter will be taken to a garage to get a quote on the reparations, the quote will then be emailed to you before any money is charged to you.

***In the unlikely event the scooter is damaged by someone else during your rental, it is the responsibility of the Renter to take the personal information and insurance details of the other person/vehicle involved.

The Renter will forfeit 30€(Vespa 50cc) or 50€(Vespa 125cc and 300cc)for a lost set of keys;
The Renter will forfeit 100€ for a punctured tire;
The Renter will forfeit 120€ if helmet is lost or stolen;
The Renter will forfeit 300€ if GPS unit is damaged, lost or stolen;

At the end of the rental agreement:

– where the renter is required to pay Left Bank Scooters, any money owed will be taken from the security deposit;
– where the renter is not required to pay any additional money to Left Bank Scooters the ‘hold’ on the deposit will be immediately removed and the credit card details destroyed.

The renter is responsible for notifying Left Bank Scooters immediately if the Vespa is stolen or involved in an accident by phone or email, and provide to Left Bank Scooters a copy of the police report along with a description of the events.
The renter is required to provide all assistance required by Left Bank Scooters to enable the completion of any police or insurance forms. Failure to do so leaves the renter liable for any additional costs to Left Bank Scooters.

Left Bank Scooters are not licensed to and do not provide lessons for operating a scooter.
The renter is responsible for ensuring they have the necessary experience to operate a Vespa.
The renter is responsible for holding the appropriate level of travel and or life insurance.
Riding a scooter can be dangerous and the renter should make an informed decision on hiring or taking a tour.

Due to the latest change in French law French on January 1st 2011 French citizens wishing to rent a 125cc scooter must have:

  • A valid Permis A or A1 (motorbike license);
  • A proof of an insurance on a 125cc during year 2010 or before
  • Have completed the 7hours safety course on a 125cc scooter