Paris Off-the-beaten Path tour


This tour aims to show you parts of Paris you have not seen before. We stay away from the main monuments and touristy areas, and focus more on the unique parts of the city where the Parisiens live, meet and play.
It is perfect for people who have been to Paris many times and want to see some unique parts of the city, or for people who are interested in experiencing a more ‘local’ tour of Paris.


Details of the tour

  • All Off-the-beaten-track Paris tours are PRIVATE, so you’ll have the guide all to yourself
  • The tour runs 7 days a week, starting at 10am or 2:30pm
  • The tour will start from your hotel, apartment, train or metro station, or a location in Paris chosen by you
  • The duration of the tour is around 3 hours. We can finish the tour back at your hotel, somewhere nice for lunch or to take the aperitivo! (french word for “lets have drinks after a big day!”)
  • All scooter tours can be given in ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANISH
  • Our guides are Parisians or Francophiles- fluent in English and lovers of all thing french!


Off-the-beaten Path tour itinerary

On this tour we will visit the more unique and quaint parts of the city that are not as well known, and areas that us, as locals enjoy and find special.

The itinerary is always different depending on what people have already seen, though we will tend to spend parts of the tour exploring the area of Montmartre, the Marais, and the Left Bank- St Germain and the Latin Quartier.

Some things we like to show people during the tour…

  • Montmartre
  • The Basilique du Sacré Cœur with its lively street performers and incredible view over the city
  • Artists market of Place du Tertre
  • Home and favorite hangout of painter Van Gogh
  • One of the last remaining vineyards of Paris
  • The Texan Embassy of Paris
  • Place des Vosges and the house of famous french author Victor Hugo
  • Some of the Grand Hôtels (mansions) and hidden gardens of 17th century Paris nobles in the Marais
  • The oldest market street in France and original road to Rome- Rue Mouffetard
  • The quite controversial sign of the le negro joyeux
  • Ancient remaining Romain ruines and a hidden Roman arena
  • Sections of the ancient Wall of Paris
  • The hidden village area and oldest shop in Paris on Ile de la Cité

Other unique areas we like to show people depending on time and how familiar with the city they are:

  • The Èlysée Palace- home of the president
  • Jardin Luxemberg- most beautiful gardens in Paris
  • The market street of Rue Cler
  • Luxurious shopping streets Avenues Montaigne, St-Honoré and Georges V
  • Passy in the 16th
  • The Paris Statue of Liberty
  • Park of Bois de Boulogne
  • Park and Château of Vincennes
  • The Canal St-Martin
  • Cemetery Père Lachaise
  • Parc Monceau
  • Galeries Lafayette and the Printemps
  • The Bastille- old prison and current demonstration hotspot
  • The most romantic part of Paris- Ile St Louis
  • and more, theres is always something new to see!


The tour price includes:

  • Your guide
  • Your Vespa
  • Starting and finishing the tour from your hotel or apartment anywhere in Paris
  • WET WEATHER FLEXIBILITY – postpone the tour to another day that suits you if its raining on the day of your reservation, free of charge ofcourse!
  • 2 or 3 helmets as needed
  • Fuel for the day
  • A top case to store your backpack and camera
  • Gloves
  • 2 or 3 wet weather gear if needed
  • French TVA taxes
  • Insurance for the scooter (cover for a 3rd Party, Theft and Damage with security deposit of 1200€, taken as a ‘hold’ on a credit card, NOT charged. The security deposit can be reduced to 500€ for an additional 20€ )


Price for the Off-the-beaten path Paris tour

€150 per person driving a Vespa

€50 for a passenger on the same Vespa

€50 for a 2nd passenger riding with the guide (i.e 3 people doing the tour together)

After the tour for an additional €50 you have the option of keeping the Vespa for a further 24 hours and exploring Paris on your own.


  • Scooter tour of Paris
    Street performers at the Sacré Cœur
  • To drive the Vespa 125cc the driver must be at least 20 years old and hold a valid motorcycle license
  • To drive the Vespa 50cc the driver must have good, recent experience driving scooters or motorbikes, be able to confidently drive it on busy streets and amongst traffic, and be aged over 18years and hold a valid car license
If you do not have experience driving a scooter we can do a Sidecar Tour for you. No experience needed! 🙂
  • On the tour you will be driving your own scooter following the guide, who will be driving in front on a separate scooter
  • Traveling through Paris we stop every 15minutes or so to hear a story, learn about the history, observe the French being French, and of course to take some photos!
  • During the tour we will stay away from the busiest parts of Paris, and drive at a slow pace the whole time
  • Our guides are very experienced and well trained in giving scooter tours of Paris. Our company is the first in Paris to offer this kind of service, and after 4 years in operation we consider our tours to be the safest and our guides to be specialists at giving scooter tours