Since starting Left Bank Scooters we have always tried to style the business around making things as easy as possible for our clients, whether it be delivering the scooter to your door, making sure we explain the french roads rules, or being as flexible as possible with the weather.


It can be quite intimidating traveling to a foreign country where you do not speak the language, but being mostly expats ourselves we understand this and our team strives to offer the most convenient, helpful and informative service possible wherever ever we can.

These are some of the services that you can expect when you rent a scooter or take a tour with Left Bank Scooters


Our Guides

We were the first company to start operating scooter tours of the city, and have done thousands of them since 2009. All our guides are well trained, and we consider them to be the most experienced at giving Paris scooters tours, and our tours to be the safest in the city.

Scooter delivery to your door

Starting and finishing your tour from your hotel, or having your Vespa delivered to your hotel, and collected when your finished, is a service we are proud to offer.
It goes without saying that having your Vespa rental waiting as you step out of the hotel is especially convenient in a foreign city.
It also gives us a chance for a chat, to offer our tips on the best things to do in Paris on your scooter, and during collection, hear all about your stories and adventures!
At the start of your tour or during the scooter delivery we will introduce you to your Vespa, and explain how the scooter works, how the lock and chain works, and the GPS.
We also will explain about parking, locking your Vespa overnight, driving in the city of Paris, the French road rules, and of course our recommendations on places to see and visit if need be!

Wet weather flexibility

We try to be as flexible as possible with the weather. It it is raining on the day of your rental or tour we can postpone your reservation until another date. If it decides to rain for a whole week and you aren’t able to take your reservation we are happy to refund the booking deposit.

Booking deposit flexibility, Flexibility in general

Traveling can be unpredictable, and occasionally things may happen that are unforeseeable. We will do our best to understand and be as flexible as possible with your reservation wether it be a postponement, amendment, refund of booking deposit, last minute change of hotels or address, ect
We are always contactable via cell phone or email, and are here to help wherever we can.

Vespa scooters

We only use Vespa scooters for rent and for our tours. Apart from being the most original and chic’est scooters on the road, Vespas are also the most reliable and best quality.
Our Vespas are checked for road worthiness daily, serviced every 5000km, and housed in a garage when not being used (they are also fed premium 98 fuel also)

Guaranteed replacement

Its very rare that we have problems with our Vespas, but in unlikely event that you experience a mechanical problem we promise to bring you a replacement Vespa as quickly as possible.

Flat tyre

In the event, also unlikely but still worth mentioning, that you experience a flat tyre we promise to bring you a replacement scooter as quickly as possible.
Please note: the cost of the replacement tyre will have to be taken from your security deposit, as per our terms and conditions.

Driving hints and tips, and French road rules

When you rent a scooter in Paris we will help to make your experience as safe, enjoyable and hassle-free as possible by discussing with you practical hints and tips to help navigate your way around the Parisien streets more easily and safely.


Unsure of things to do in Paris? We are happy to sit down and help put together an itinerary to ensure that you get the most out of your scooter rental, just let us know when we deliver your Vespa.

Key under the seat

If you accidentally lock your scooter keys under the seat, don’t stress, we will bring you a spare set as quickly as possible.

Cold or Wet weather clothing

In case of rain we provide free of charge wet weather gear- waterproof long pants and jackets.
In winter we will provide free of charge winter riding gloves, and scooter blankets.

Access to the latest GPS technology (additional cost)

Preloaded with every Paris attraction, monument, park and gardens, museums, fuel stations, having a GPS is very handy, especially if you have limited time and want to see as many as much as possible on your scooter rental.