Left Bank Scooter was started from a love of Vespa scooters and of the city of Paris itself.
Since the beginning we have always tried our hardest to run a very personal business, keeping things small, doing them properly, and treating our guides and workers as a family and our clients as our friends.


The Left Bank Scooters family, past and present…



“ADAM was and is the pillar of the business. He was there at the beginning when the idea of Left Bank Scooters was first started in 2008. He is very handy, fun and safe person; but also social and easy going. He is very knowledgeable about French history after living in France for the last 5 years, and listening politely to any french history lessons told by my father!
He loves his scooters and his business. I don’t think there is someone else more dedicated to his work than him. He is Australian, hard-working, but very French at heart! Enjoys his cheeses and his wine! Ask him about them, he will be happy to say what he tried last weekend!” –
by Adéle







“ADÉLE is the ‘french touch’ to our business. Like most french she loves her country, its food and wine, its language, its people and its history. She is also the strong hand behind the scenes, taking care of the logistics of the business and keeping myself and the other guides and workers in-line and on-time!
As she did for me, she loves introducing people to Paris and the french ‘joie de vivre’. It’s something she really enjoys doing, and delights in the fact we offer a service that does this for people every single day!
Adéle is also my wife” by Adam






“THIERRY is our Parisian guide. Born and bred in Paris he knows his city and its history like no other! Having lived and travelled around the world during half his life he speaks perfect English, though he is always happy to test your French vocabulary if need be! An extremely talkative and jovial person, nothing makes Thierry happier than meeting new people and showing them around his town.” – by Adam


“TAYLOR is our American guide. He is from the mountains of Montana and is as hard-working as a mountain goat! Very knowledgeable of the city of Paris and French history, he loves showing other foreigners around the city and explaining the history, but he especially loves telling stories and jokes about the French people as i think he find most of us and out habits very odd!” – by Adéle



“MARC is our good friend that worked with us through until the end 2011, though he still helps us some weekends.
Really fun and easy-going, but very Parisian with his scruffy beard, leather boats and cigarettes! He was especially popular with all our female clients!  He is only 22 but has been driving Vespas all his life. You can spot him easily around the city because he drives a fluo green Vespa from the 1960’s (yes he customize and painted his own scooter).
He did mainly Paris tours as he is born and raised in Paris, and it was really enjoyable for him to tell his stories and history of his city. We are sad now that he had to leave us, but we wish him the best in his future career- as a mathematician!” – by Adéle